We accept PSA submissions!

Graybo's Sports Cards is pleased to offer PSA submission services. Graybo's will be sending off one PSA submission on the last Wednesday of the month. Drop by our shop during business hours (no appointment necessary) and one of our team members will collect your card(s) and your contact information. We'll ask for the payment up front (see payment details below), and any additional charges to be collected upon pickup (if applicable). Your total charge includes cleaning, packaging, shipping, and submission.

  • Upcoming Submission Deadlines

    Wednesday, October 25

    Wednesday, November 29

  • Pricing

    Value <$499 = $35

    Value + Auto <$499 = $40

    Regular <$1,499 = $110

    Express <$2,499 = $215

    Super Express <$4,999 = $415